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OCS Blogs

Welcome to the OCS blogs! From reporting in to receiving first assignments as officers, the Officer Candidates from OCS class 2-17, OCS class 1-17/BOTC 128, OCS 2-16/BOTC 127, and OCS class 1-16/BOTC 126 are excited to share their experiences throughout the rigorous 17-week Officer Candidate School program. Although there are similarities between the Coast Guard Academy and Officer Candidate School, OCS is a separate program from the Academy and has a different experience to offer! With contributions from prior-enlisted and new accessions, the OCS blog will provide the unique opportunity to read about the lives of officer candidates entering the United States Coast Guard and NOAA corps. We encourage you to read the posts written by the Officer Candidates as well as encourage you to ask them questions about the program!

Reporting-in and Indoc        Daily Routine        Drills and Ceremonies 
Privileges        Eagle Cruise        Ship, Shipmate, Self 

The following are the last class' officer candidate bloggers:

  • OC Victor Alma
  • OC Amberlei Franklin
  • NOAA OC Anna Hallingstad
  • OC Miranda Luna
  • OC Jacklyn McElligott

You are welcome to send your questions to the following new officers:

Please note: Due to time constraints and connectivity limitations, replies may come with a bit of a delay. Thank you for your patience.