2017 USCGA Ethics Forum Session Speakers

  • Dr. Zach Messitte – President of Ripon College and Professor in Politics and Government Department
  • Dean Joan Vestrand – Associate Dean at Western Michigan’s University Cooley Law School
  • Dr. Erik Jens – Department Chair for Intelligence Community Issues and Management College of Strategic Intelligence National Intelligence University
  • Mr. Elliot Rosen – Representative at the Director’s Coordinating Council for the Coast Guard Academy Institute for Leadership
  • Mr. Clinton Johnston – Managing director at Benchmark International Brokers
  • CAPT Joseph Sundland – Command of the Office of Enterprise Infrastructure Management
  • LCDR Chris J. Davis – Executive Officer of USCGC Valiant 
  • CDR Charlotte Mundy – WMSL/WHEC Policy and Capabilities Division Chief, CG- 7512
  • LTC (R) Dave Jones – Member of Superintendent’s Staff at West Point
  • LCDR Christopher Bruno – Prior NOLS instructor
  • LT Nathan Neuhardt – Operations Officer onboard CGC Forward 
  • CAPT Kevin Kiefer – Chief of Staff for the First District