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  • LT Harold Bernson photo

    Bernson, Harold A. T.

    Class of 1930

    Killed at Sea on February 28th, 1938

    Died in when a hawser was let go between the S.S. Fairfield and the Coast Guard patrol boat Triton when the Triton began to drag it’s anchor. The Triton was rendering assistance to the Fairfield, which had run aground at the mouth of the Mississippi River. (Download pdf) 

  • LT William Clemmer photo

    Clemmer, William L.

    Class of 1930

    K/AC on July 15th, 1939

    After picking up a seaman with pneumonia off the motor sailing ship Atlantis, the Hall PH-2 Flying Boat was caught by a heavy swell causing it to nose dive under the waves. Five crew escaped but the pilot, LT Clemmer was lost with another crew member and the man that they had picked up. (Download pdf) 

  • LT True Miller photo

    Miller, True G.

    Class of 1930

    K/AC on September 29th, 1940

    Killed in the crash of a Grumman JF-2 Flying Duck that took off from St. Petersburg Air Station on a local night training flight. The plane did not return and LT Miller’s body was recovered from Tampa Bay the next day. (Download pdf) 

  • LCDR Carl Peterson photo

    Peterson, Carl U.

    Lieutenant Commander
    Class of 1930

    KIA on June 16th, 1943

    LCDR Peterson was the commanding officer of the cutter USCCG Escanaba, which was sunk in the North Atlantic while escorting a convoy with a loss of all but two crewmen. He was posthumously awarded the Legion of Merit for rescue operation in behalf of an American transport earlier that year. (Download pdf) 

  • CDR Kenneth Phillips photo

    Phillips, Kenneth C.

    Class of 1930

    KIA on March 9th, 1944

    LCDR Phillips was the commanding officer of the Coast Guard manned destroyer escort USS Leopold during the Second World War. The Leopold, while escorting a convoy across the North Atlantic, was torpedoed and sunk by a U-boat. (Download pdf) 

  • LCDR Sidney Porter photo

    Porter, Sidney F.

    Lieutenant Commander
    Class of 1930

    KIA on February 17th, 1943

    Listed as killed in the line of duty during World War II. (Download pdf) 

  • LT William Schissler photo

    Schissler, Williams

    Class of 1930

    K/AC on September 14th, 1938

    LT Schissler was attached to the Army Aircorp Technical school at Chanute Air Field, Illinois. While flying a training mission he became lost. As his fuel supply dwindled, he attempted an emergency landing in a clover field. The wing of the North America BC -1 came off and he was killed. (Download pdf) 

  • LCDR Charles Toft photo

    Toft, Charles E.

    Lieutenant Commander
    Class of 1930

    KIA on September 9th, 1942

    LCDR Toft died in the sinking of the Muskegat by a German submarine torpedo while on escort duty 450 miles south of Cape Farewell. (Download pdf) 

  • CDR James Hinnant photo

    Hinnant, James R.

    Class of 1931

    Lost at Sea on December 6th, 1950

    CDR Hinnant was the Commanding Officer of the cutter Rockaway. He was lost at sea while trying to free a propeller that had become fouled midway between Cape Hatteras and Bermuda. (Download pdf) 

  • LTJG Robert Grantham photo

    Grantham, Robert L.

    Lieutenant Junior Grade
    Class of 1932

    K/AC on April 6th, 1939

    Died in the crash of an airplane, type V158, in rugged lands off the Northern Big Bend county of West Texas. During a storm, LTJG Grantham, the pilot, stayed with the plane, which was icing badly and becoming unmanageable. He held it steady while his three crewmen parachuted out. (Download pdf) 

  • CDR Joseph McCue photo

    McCue, Joseph F.

    Class of 1933

    K/AC on November 13th, 1952

    En route to a practice landing site in Beverly, Massachusetts, the helicopter developed engine and control problems and crashed out of control in a residential area. The pilot and crewman were killed becoming the first Coast Guard helicopter air crew fatalities. (Download pdf) 

  • LCDR George Olson photo

    Olson, George O.

    Lieutenant Commander
    Class of 1933

    K/AC on July 18th, 1943

    LCDR Olson’s aircraft, a PBY-5A Catalina had been modified to accommodate a nine lens aerial mapping camera. The aircraft was manned by a combined crew of Coast Guard and Geodetic survey personnel. It crashed near Adak, Alaska on a survey mission. (Download pdf) 

  • LT Thomas Crotty photo

    Crotty, Thomas J. E.

    Class of 1934

    KIA on September 30th, 1942

    Japanese POW. In Jan. 1942, he was sent to Bataan, which fell to the Japanese. He was taken prisoner and then “force marched” some 50 miles. LT Crotty died during the march along with 7,000 to 10,000 American and Filipino prisoners. He received the Navy Commendation Medal posthumously. (Download pdf) 

  • LTJG Donald Weller photo

    Weller, Donald W.

    Lieutenant Junior Grade
    Class of 1935

    K/AC on June 4th, 1941

    LTJG Weller was a student pilot who was killed when his aircraft collided with another student’s aircraft while flying in group formation over Banyon Grande in the Gulf of Mexico, just north of Chevalier Field Pensacola Florida. (Download pdf) 

  • LCDR Fred Westbrook photo

    Westbrook, Fred L.

    Lieutenant Commander
    Class of 1935

    K/AC on April 6th, 1943

    While en route to Seattle during bad weather, the aircraft, Grumman JRF-2 Goose crashed into Blyn Mountain in Olympia, Washington. (Download pdf) 

  • LT Robert Lafferty photo

    Lafferty, Robert J.

    Class of 1936

    K/AC on April 15th, 1942

    LT Lafferty’s aircraft took off on a test flight from Brooklyn, New York but was diverted to confirm a reported sighting of a submarine. The weather deteriorated, rain and wind making visibility limited. The aircraft ran into the cliffs on Block Island, Rhode Island killing all on board. (Download pdf) 

  • LCDR John MacIntosh photo

    MacIntosh, John W.

    Lieutenant Commander
    Class of 1936

    K/AC on February 12th, 1947

    LCDR MacIntosh was ferrying a plane from overhaul at Naval Air Station Seattle to CGAS Elizabeth City when it crashed into a mountain ridge in Tiller, Oregon. Two crew members survived but MacIntosh was killed. (Download pdf) 

  • ENS Clyde Teague photo

    Teague, Clyde H. Jr.

    Class of 1936

    K/AC on December 19th, 1938

    Ensign Teague’s aircraft left El Paso, Texas at 4 p.m. bound for Houston. The Waco J2W V157 Aircraft crashed in flames near the town of Boerne at 10 that night. The cause of the crash was never determined. (Download pdf) 

  • ENS Robert Clark photo

    Clark, Robert J.

    Class of 1937

    KIA on September 9th, 1942

    LT Clark died in the sinking of the Muskegat by a German submarine torpedo while on escort duty 450 miles south of Cape Farewell. (Download pdf) 

  • LT John Pritchard photo

    Pritchard, John A. Jr.

    Class of 1938

    K/AC on November 29th, 1942

    Lieutenant John K. Pritchard was a Coast Guard aviator assigned to the cutter Northland on the Greenland Patrol during World War II. He and his radio operator, ARM1c Benjamin Bottoms, were killed when his aircraft crashed while attempting to rescue a downed Army Air Force B-17 crew. (Download pdf) 

  • LT Robert Prause photo

    Prause, Robert H. Jr.

    Class of 1939

    KIA on June 13th, 1943

    LT Robert Prause, the executive officer of CGC Escanaba, was lost in the sinking of the ship, which exploded suddenly, probably by torpedo, while escorting convoy in the North Atlantic between Greenland and Newfoundland. (Download pdf) 

  • LCDR Charles Schuh photo

    Schuh, Charles W.

    Lieutenant Commander
    Class of 1939

    K/AC on January 14th, 1948

    The R50-4 Lodstar was returning from Newark, New Jersey and was diverted from National Airport in Washington D.C. to Baltimore Municipal Airport. The aircraft crashed between Washington and Baltimore killing all on board. (Download pdf)