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Cadet Profile
Jessica Ward  Jessica Ward
Littleton, CO - Class of 2013
Major: Mechanical Engineering  

I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado along with my older brother who is currently serving in the Army. My father is also a Marine and my mother is a Physical Therapist, she is great when it comes to sports injuries. I had a goldfish named Goldie for years (great name, I know), until he died fairly recently. Sad day. I’ll be the first to admit I live a very sheltered life, but I’m fine with that.

I played soccer, volleyball, and basketball at some point or another in high school, but mostly row crew here at the Academy. I love to ski, hike, and bike; I generally love being in the mountains and really miss seeing them in the distance. I love to travel and have every summer since I was 12, the total country count is around 30-32 depending on what technically counts as a country (Gibraltar for instance).

My favorite color is blue although it depends on what type of blue, and my favorite food is chocolate. I love to read and had a wonderful Shakespeare teacher in high school, so he’s definitely one of my favorites, as is Eva Ibbotson and Camus. I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering, and can’t think of anything else to say, other than I know once this is posted there will be tons of things about me that I wish you all knew, but can’t think of now. So sorry for failing to enlighten you fully, but thanks for reading anyway!