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Cadet Profile
Jessica Nelson  Jessica Nelson
Pearl City, HI - Class of 2014
Major: Civil Engineering  

How is it going? My name is Jessica Nelson, but please just call me Jess. Despite claiming myself as a Hawaii girl, I was born in San Angelo, Texas and have moved every two years since. Moving has taken me to Africa, Cyprus, England, Tombstone, Arizona, my current home (Hawaii), and now New London, Connecticut. I love to travel! My father is an active duty Navy Chaplain, and my mother is a stay-at-home mom/teacher for my younger brother. They still live in Hawaii, which is awesome for winter break! Surfing on Christmas, anyone?

At the Academy, I am an IC (or Intercompany Sport) Warrior, and a new member of the Combat Arms Team (CAT). Even though, I have never been a huge shooter, I am super excited to learn and practice more with the CAT, especially since the team focuses on the practical/tactical side of shooting. Additionally, I am a member of Officer Christian Fellowship and the Fellowship for Christian Athletes, and I am one of the singers for the worship team. These two groups are definitely the highlights of my week!

On a serious note, I feel blessed to be here at the Academy. Every day I watch myself and others conquer stressful circumstances and situations that help shape us into the future leaders of the Coast Guard. That is what really drew me to the Academy in the first place. I wanted to become a leader that would change and save lives. I also have a tremendous passion for understanding the world and how materials work and applying this knowledge to be a good steward of natural resources, so I am currently a Civil Engineering Major.

Lastly, if you have any questions for me about a life at the Academy, academics, and even what to pack for Swab Summer (yes, I had the same questions) just shoot an email to