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Cadet Profile
Peter Driscoll  Peter Driscoll
New Bern, NC - Class of 2015
Major: Government 

Hey! I’m Peter Driscoll, from New Bern, North Carolina.

I am the oldest of six children. My mom and dad are both Navy officers; one is a retired SAR helicopter pilot and the other is an engineer-turned-doctor. We’ve moved several times: Pennsylvania, the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, the Florida Panhandle, and eastern North Carolina (Go Tar Heels!).

In high school, I was a straight-A student. I was the varsity swim team captain and active in my parish and school clubs. When I came to the Academy, instead of swimming, I chose crew; I am the novice coxswain for the men’s team. (Sometimes it sucks, but sometimes it’s lucky, to be the smallest guy in a group.) I also participate in Mock Trial and the Catholic Club, but I don’t want to overbalance academics and extracurricular activities.

Speaking of academics, I am a tentative Government major who is considering whether or not to switch to Marine and Environmental Science. I would love to double major, but that is almost impossible here. No matter what happens, when I graduate, whether first in the class or last, I will still become an Ensign.

Which leads me to my last point, unless you’ve already hit the “Back” button on your browser… I chose the Academy because I wanted to actively help people, not sit behind a desk. The leadership opportunities available to graduates make every second here worth it; my goal is to gain promotion to Flag level while serving in the fleet, go to graduate school, and possibly work as a professor. That is what motivates me to get through the challenges and stress of the Academy environment.

Now, to close with a funny story… Part of the reason I chose the Academy is that my mom, an Annapolis alumna, wanted me to go to Annapolis. The more she pushed Annapolis, the more I said “NO.” And I started looking at my Academy. I fell in love with my Academy because of the small size and close-knit community, and great opportunities both here and in the operational Coast Guard. Go Bears, Go Books, Semper Paratus.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at