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Jacklyn Kokomoor  
Cadet Profile
Profile Jacklyn Kokomoor Jacklyn Kokomoor
Noank, CT - Class of 2018
Major: Civil Engineering

Hi! My name is Jacklyn Kokomoor, and I am from Noank, Connecticut where I’ve grown up for most of my life. I am the fourth of five kids in my family and first with an interest in the military. Living so close to the Academy one would think I always wanted to be here, but that was definitely not the case. I had always imagined myself playing sports at a civilian college down south. It was only later, in high school, when I decided that the Academy was the perfect opportunity for me to exercise the leadership roles I had been seeking and tackle a challenge that seemed beyond myself.

And a challenge it has been! But a rewarding one for sure. Being the first in my family to join the military, I had no clue what to expect upon reporting in, yet what I have learned since that first day of Swab Summer has been absolutely instrumental in my growth as not only a cadet, but as a person. The Academy has led me to reach for higher goals and expect more from myself because I know the endless potential. I have made more friends and lifelong relationships here than I thought possible and I know that this will only continue as my cadet career develops.

Beyond being a civil engineer here at school, I am also on the varsity women’s swim team and varsity women’s lacrosse team. I am the Vice-President of the USCGA chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and am a part of a number of other clubs including the Student Athletic Advisory Committee and the Women’s Leadership Council. I would love to answer any questions you might have about the Academy, life as a cadet, or anything of the sort. Please feel free to email me at