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Cadet Profile
Evan Twarog Profile  Evan Twarog
Keene, NH - Class of 2019
Major: Civil Engineering  

Hi everyone! My name is Evan Twarog. Growing up in Keene, New Hampshire, it’s not exactly a natural leap to go from a small New England city to the Coast Guard. The story of how I ended up here is too long to tell now, but I think if there is one reason I came to the USCGA, it would be because of my time with the Keene Interact Club. In my four years with the club, some pretty amazing opportunities presented themselves: I travelled to El Salvador three times, won a trip to India through an essay contest, served as president of the club and spoke at the United Nations in New York City. The club taught me that serving others opens up some pretty amazing opportunities for you as well. The Rotary motto “One profits most who serves best” became a part of me.

Since arriving at the Academy, I’ve had the chance to become involved in a couple sports and clubs. During high school, it’s relatively easy to balance a half dozen different clubs and three seasons of sports. That’s not the case here. You have to commit yourself to whatever you’re passionate about. I’ve started racing with the USCGA Triathlon team with the hope of competing at the National Championships this spring. Additionally, I’m in the process of becoming involved with the EMT Club here, where I can eventually earn my EMT certification.

The Academy is not an easy place to be. Every fourth class (for that matter, probably everyone) has a unique love-hate relationship with the Academy. That being said, there has never been a day when I’ve regretted my decision to come here. One of the neat things about life here is that as we go through our Academy experience, we earn more and more privileges. During the summer, we were basically robots. Simply being able to manage our own time, take more than a five minute shower, drink soda and coffee, listen to music and call our parents are luxuries that I’ve come to appreciate. I feel as if I’m living a far richer life than I ever have before.