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Cadet Profile
alt name   Lucy Daghir
Havre de Grace, MD ‐ Class of 2016
Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences 

My name is Lucy Daghir and I am a first class cadet. I am from Havre de Grace, Maryland and I graduated from the Science and Mathematics Academy at Aberdeen High School in 2012. My major is Marine and Environmental Sciences.

I grew up familiar with the military academies because my dad went to the Naval Academy. The Naval Academy was my first college choice and I was not really even aware of the Coast Guard Academy. My military interest was sparked my junior year when some midshipmen came to my high school. I signed up for the Naval Academy Summer Seminar and attended that, leaving it with a passion for the Naval Academy. I was enticed by the idea of a mentally, physically, and academic challenge, and also the structured military lifestyle. After my Navy application was sent off, my parents urged me to apply to the USCGA as well, just in case. Ironically, I was wait-listed at the Naval Academy and one week later, I was accepted to the Coast Guard Academy. I believe that some things happen for a reason, and this is definitely one of those times. I am so happy that I am here at the CGA instead of the Naval Academy.

Although the Academy may seem daunting at times, with room and uniform inspections, the daily knowledge required for fourth class cadets, and the expectation that every day, you will try your best at everything you do; I have maintained an extremely positive attitude about this place. The friends I have made at the Academy have made it all bearable, and the missions of the operational Coast Guard have kept my head up and my heart motivated. I love that the Coast Guard is a humanitarian service. My cadre over Swab Summer stressed that other military academies train for the things that we hope will never happen, but here at USCGA, we train for the work that we will be doing every day.

I cannot see myself attending any other college; I believe that this is the right place for me because I think that I will not only learn a lot about myself, but also mature into a better, more selfless person, with an ability to accomplish anything (especially with my shipmates).