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Cadet Profile
Profile Gabrielle Auzenbergs  Gabrielle Auzenbergs
Shrewsbury, MA - Class of 2018
Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences  

Hello! My name is Gabrielle Auzenbergs. I am from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and I live with my mom, dad, younger brother and cat at home. Both of my parents were in the military; my mom in the Air Force, and dad, a class of ’88 CGA graduate. That inherently influenced my decision, but did not add any pressure to come here. The choice was easily made after I visited over 24 civilian colleges, and could not seem to find the right fit. I wondered what was missing from these schools, and then I looked more into the Coast Guard Academy. That is when I realized that it was the lifetime of devotion to others, exciting opportunities and rewarding future in the Coast Guard that set it apart from the rest. I am a member of the soccer team here, and I'm majoring in Marine and Environmental Sciences. Being a school focused on engineering, it is one of the unique majors the Academy has to offer. However, it is equally important because I feel that a large part of keeping the people safe, is keeping the planet safe!

Everything about the Academy so far has been a challenge, and in just one year I have already grown to appreciate each day and each new challenge. They are constant reminders of why I decided upon this path of service to others. The Academy is continually preparing its cadets for the fleet and futures in the Coast Guard from R-Day until the day they graduate as commissioned officers, and the evolution is really something to be proud of!

I would love to answer any comments or questions you might have about life at the Academy, Swab Summer, or more. Please feel free to contact me at!