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Cadet Profile
alt name  Michael Rossi
Ship Bottom, NJ ‐ Class of 2015
Major: Operations Research and Computer Analysis  

Hello to all who have chosen to read my profile. My name is Michael Rossi Jr., or by what my friends call me, Mikey or Rossi. I am from the town of Ship Bottom, New Jersey. I am an only child that was raised by my father and grandparents, all of whom I thank every day that they are part of my life. I am hockey player, which most people could never see since I am only a stunning five foot four. All my life I grew up on the water by the beach surfing, skim boarding, and just going for long paddles in the ocean.

I knew when it came down to applying for college I had to be by the water. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I had thought about going to a service academy and that was when someone had mentioned the Coast Guard Academy. I thought how awesome would that be, going to college where I knew I would be getting a job on the water as soon as I graduated. So I applied, got in and now here I am. Life at the Academy is not easy, but I could not see myself doing anything else and when it comes down to it. I am happy with the decision to come here.

As I stated just before, life here is not always easy, but there are plenty clubs and activities that help make the time spent here great. I am involved with the hockey team, which is the best sporting event to attend at the Academy, especially when we play Conn College. Aside from hockey, I am involved with Catholic lectures, in the ski/snowboard club, and surf club. The great thing about the ski/snowboard and surf clubs are you can go pretty much any weekend as long as you keep on top of schoolwork and military obligations.

That is pretty much me in a nutshell aside from that I am a pretty outgoing person that cannot sit still, loves to be active, enjoys being around people, and am very grateful for the opportunity to live and go to school with America’s best.