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Cadet Profile
Bohdon Wowtschuk  Bohdon Wowtschuk
Congers, NY - Class of 2012
Major: Civil Engineering  

Hello shipmates! My name is Bohdon Michael Wowtschuk, class of 2012, but most people just call me Bo. I grew up in Congers, New York, in a typical suburban neighborhood about 45 minutes northwest of NYC. In high school I ran track for four years, and played a couple years of soccer. Here at the Academy, I have tried a smattering of sports. During my 4/c year, I thought it would be fun to row crew, and I labored through my entire freshman year before coming to my senses and quitting. I also tried boxing during the fall of my 3/c year. Boxing is a great sport, in fact the only bad part about boxing is getting punched…unfortunately that happens fairly often. I finished out the fall season (going 1-1 with 1TKO…NBD). I then joined the Men’s Volleyball team in the winter of my 3/c year, which was a great decision. The season was basically a month long and required the most minimal of commitment to get my sports credit. Unfortunately, since the Academy has taken away the sports credit form the Men’s Volleyball team and since I barely played last season, I probably won’t join the team this season. So what do I do now you ask? Well, I play intercompany sports…it gives me a chance to work on my spring break body.

As far as academics are concerned, I am a Civil Engineering major. I really enjoy it, and I knew I wanted to study Civil Engineering since my senior year of high school. I enjoy applied math and trying to figure out problems and construction so it was an easy decision. In addition to engineering, I enjoy history and politics. In order to satisfy this interest, I joined the Academy’s Model United Nations (MUN) team. Joining the team was probably one of the best decisions I ever made, right up there with coming to the Academy. Through MUN, I have gotten the privilege to represent the Academy at the University of Pennsylvania, McGill University in Montreal and even went to Taiwan for the world competition.

As far as miscellaneous fact about me, I will be revealing a new fact about myself every time I write a blog. Since this is my bio, I’ll give you two: 1) I am an only child; and, 2) My favorite food is lobster. Read my next blog to find out more exciting facts about me!

Thank you all for reading; I’ll try to keep the blogs coming.