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Boxing Team
The Boxing Team is a club sport at the Coast Guard Academy, which means that the team is able to organize and participate its own athletic schedule and decides on what tournaments and fights they will be participating in. The team usually participates in three invitationals and shows in the Fall Semester and then really picks up in the Spring participating in three tournaments and five shows or invitationals. These shows include trips to New York City, Seattle, Penn State, West Point, and many more.

The Boxing Team regularly participates in Friday Night Fights which occur on campus in the 3rd Deck of the Alumni Center. These are all usually in the fall Semester or early spring. These fights are put together and run by the team captains and coach and are a fun source of Friday night entertainment for the corps. The boxing gym always gets packed with 40-60 cadets that have come to cheer on their fellow classmates or to 'boo' their upper class and heckle their underclass. The purpose of these fights is to get the newer fighters experience fighting in front of a crowd. All of these bouts are among teammates with the coach refereeing the bouts and teammates working the corners. There is usually a cadet DJ and host announcing boxers as their walk out music fills the gym.