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The Cadet Music Department is comprised of both vocal and instrumental groups.

Cadets with musical talent have a variety of instrumental activities available to them. The 60-piece Battalion Band and the 80-piece Regimental Band perform marches and ceremonial music for military parades on the Washington Parade Field, as well as providing entertainment for various ceremonies and lectures.

The nationally renowned Windjammers Cadet Drum and Bugle Corps provides half time entertainment for all home football games. Additionally, the Windjammers travel throughout the United States and Canada performing exhibitions and field shows at NFL games and regional band competitions.

The Cadet Bands Department supports numerous small ensembles such as the Cadet Jazz Band, concert band, pep band and rock bands. The Director of Cadet Bands actively supports the formation of diverse musical groups, and schedules public performances for various cadet musical ensembles at the Academy and in the surrounding community.

For more information, please contact CWO3 Ian Frenkel.

Cadets electing to sing as an extra-curricular activity, have the opportunity to participate in numerous vocal-performing groups.

The Glee Club travels extensively throughout the country to sing for both public and official functions. Cadets also have the opportunity to participate in a select men’s ensemble, the Idlers, or a select women’s ensemble, the Fairwinds; these groups are chosen, by audition, from members of the Glee Club.

Rehearsals for all vocal music groups are held in the early evening, prior to study hour, and after athletic practice time, providing cadets with the opportunity to play a sport, as well as participate in cadet musical activities.

In addition to the many performing groups, the music department also presents a fully choreographed, staged, Broadway Musical each year. Nearly one hundred cadets participate as cast and crewmembers in the annual production, which entertains not only Academy staff and cadets, but also has an enthusiastic following from theatergoers all over southeastern Connecticut.

For more information, please contact Dr. Robert Newton.

All vocal and instrumental groups provide an important artistic outlet for members of the Corps of Cadets. The department also provides experience in the use of leadership skills, and enables the cadets to hone social skills, at the various functions where they perform. The Cadet Music Department serves as a principal public relations venue for the United States Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Academy.