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How Far We Have Come

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Coburn Photo Well, we are four days away from April 1 and we only have 23 school days left of our fourth class year. Everyone told me in the beginning of the school year that the two semesters would go by in a flash, but I had no clue how right they were until this moment. Last night, we had our class formal and it was awesome. The theme was Las Vegas and the place looked incredible. I had a great night of dancing and having fun with my friends, but more importantly our class crest was revealed. It is a big milestone for the fourth class and it makes us realize how far we have come since we arrived on R-Day. Looking back and remembering all that we have accomplished individually and as a class is a great feeling. I also realized how close I have become with my friends here and how close our community is. My company has one more person to pass Boards and then we will be allowed to have social media back! The lacrosse season is going pretty well so far and for an inaugural team that’s not bad at all.


This week was also a big week because we found out our summer assignments. Right after finals end in May, I will be reporting to the Coast Guard Station in South Padre Island, Texas. I am really excited because not only is it a gorgeous area, it also will be conducting some of the missions that I am very interested in. After I leave the station in June, I will be reporting to the Eagle to spend the next six weeks sailing down to Bermuda and then up the East coast. All of my friends are on this phase as well so it is going to be a great time. Really, all I am waiting for now is for the school year to come to a close and for the Class of 2018 to be granted carry on. Let’s hope it is sooner rather than later!


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