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Chang Photo “Well, this is it. This journey has been amazing, I’ve made so many new friends, and I’m sure going to miss it. I’ll be back,” I thought as my plane departed Ireland. That’s right, Ireland. You thought I was talking about the Academy? No, no, no. I booked it out of here right after my last final and went straight to Dublin. After that, it was a week of traveling through Belfast, Cork, and Galway (the Cliffs of Moher was by far one of the highlights of the trip). It was a much needed break after the first semester gauntlet we went through, and it was a great way to decompress. If you’re ever going to travel solo anywhere, go to Ireland.


So, school stuff. I’m taking Mandarin Chinese again at Connecticut College across the street, which is a great way to experience “civilian college” in the middle of the military lifestyle. I’m taking a class on Arctic Studies, International Development, and the standard Maritime Law Enforcement class. I’m still boxing, and hopefully I’ll make it through this last season without injury. Senioritis will come soon enough – hopefully I’ll still be able to muster up the energy to write these blogs (sorry, Ms. Leann). Finally, billets. I’ve spent a solid month and a half thinking about the next two years of my life, but my personal crunch time came days before our applications were due (as usual). Nevertheless, I’ve put in exactly what I wanted, so we’ll see what happens on Billet Night (48 more days!).


And that’s about all I have for now. While grades, billets, and sports are going to be lingering around in my thoughts, this is the last time all my friends are going to be a two minute walk down the hall, rather than a five day drive across the country. Frankly, I’m just going to have a good time this semester.


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