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Coordinating the Hall of Heroes Event

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Wright Photo Happy Holidays! Hopefully you enjoyed the break as much as I did. Last semester definitely brought some challenges with the increased responsibility of being a 1/c cadet. During senior year, every cadet is assigned the leadership role in charge of several other cadets that are organized into a division. Each division has the responsibility of managing a task within the Academy. I was one of two division officers assigned to plan the 2017 Hall of Heroes event, which allows the Corps of Cadets to honor several heroic Academy graduates.


At the beginning of the semester, I was both apprehensive and excited about my job. Hall of Heroes is a fairly prestigious event that means a lot to the inductees and their families; however, it is a wonderful opportunity for us to honor graduates that made a significant impact during their Coast Guard career. The event spans half a day and includes a luncheon for the inductees with Delta company cadets, a tour of the Academy, a reception, and concludes with the ceremony. This year there were four graduates inducted during the ceremony that was attended by their families, the Corps of Cadets, and numerous Academy personnel.


Thankfully I was part of an amazing team of seven other cadets, who really worked hard to make the event a success. While I am proud of how well the ceremony went, I am infinitely more impressed by that team. Everyone took ownership of some facet of the event and when something did not work out as planned they instantly offered another solution. Working with them was the most rewarding part of last semester and I am excited to see the challenges and rewards that next semester brings.


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