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Whoa, I Actually Know All This Stuff!

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Horacek Photo Finals week: words that strike fear into the heart of any college kid. A month’s worth of exams crammed into a few days to hopefully prove that you have, in fact, been awake at least 75% of the time for the past semester. However, despite its reputation for being a week of certain doom, in my experience finals haven’t been all that bad here. Some classes will even let you validate a final if you have a high enough score, usually in the 90-93 range. If you’re lucky, you’ll validate or not have finals on the last few days and get to leave early! If you’re curious, here’s how a typical finals week goes:


After the last few days of school (which are mostly filled with a few reviews and course evaluations) we have study and conference day. This is an empty day set aside for you to get with your teachers one last time if you need to and get yourself organized for the next few days. The next day, finals begin! We get to wake up a little bit later (0730, woohoo!) and then there are two testing blocks, morning and/or afternoon for five days (give or take, I had a test Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and validated my Wednesday final so I was fortunate and got to leave early). That’s it! All you have to do is study and take a few tests and, let’s be honest, that definitely doesn’t take up a whole day. Most of my (awesome) teachers sponsored 1-2 hour review sessions where we went over the basics of the whole class, and I personally studied no more than an hour or two outside of that for each test. The rest of my time was filled with sleep, Skyrim, and Netflix. All in all, the finals themselves were fine; the worst part is being so close to going home and having to wait to take a test before you can!


But now, as I’m finally riding the plane back to the land of warmth and enchiladas (Texas), I’m realizing how much got crammed into my head this semester. Most of my friends and I got to the point in our studying where it was like, “Whoa, I actually know all this stuff!” Except Electrical Circuits and Machines, electricity is still difficult for me. But I still knew enough to get a decent grade on the test! And the farther into this education I get, the more realistic the problems are getting, and the more I realize that I’ll actually use this stuff I’m learning in the real world. This unfortunately means I’ll have to use calculus in the real world… But for now, it’s time to enjoy the break! Happy holidays everyone!


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