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Finals Week is Really Really… Not That Bad

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Opas Photo Finals week at most civilian colleges is academic hell on earth. At least that’s what most of my civilian friends tell me. It’s slightly different here in New London.


Maybe it’s because we already live under such academic rigor and lead such regimented lives that the idea of one final battery of tests to round out the semester is no less daunting than the prospect of formal room and wing or personnel inspections that keep us on our toes on a monthly basis. Regardless, finals are arguably the best time to be at the Academy. Because it’s often less regimented, the corps of cadets tends to have significantly higher morale. You’re guaranteed to hear three times as many “ahoys” from the firsties the week before finals than at any other time in the semester cycle.


Finals themselves are a breeze. With each exam allotted roughly three and a half hour blocks, it’s not uncommon to leave exams with plenty of time to spare. And the matter of studying? We get a whole day to conference with professors and instructors after classes end. Formation? Only in the mornings. Meals? Buffet style all day, every day. Sure, you still have to square as a 4/c, but you’ll definitely appreciate not having to wait for “seats” to be called every breakfast and lunch. Closed door study hour; something you will surely come to covet in your time at the Academy. This becomes available after noon, so cross your fingers for those morning exams so you can nap. Lucky enough to have a day in between exams? Route through your chain of command for a “short” and enjoy a night away from the Academy to destress. And best of all, if your last final is your last military obligation, you’re free to head off on leave as soon as you’re finished! All in all, it’s a highly rewarding end to the often-strenuous semesters.


One word of warning. Good luck finding a single energy drink in either the bookstore or the Exchange during finals week. All the engineering majors tend to sequester themselves in MacAllister with their stashes the last couple nights before their exams cramming and guzzling them like jet fuel.


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