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Here I Am...Cadre

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2018) Permanent link   All Posts
Fruhwirth Photo Swab Summer round two. I honestly never thought this day would come, in my mind I thought I would always be a swab. But now, here I am as a cadre. I have my own company, my own division—it is unreal to me. It is without a doubt much better to be on this other side, being the one to give the commands rather than following them. However, I feel like I am learning a whole lot more. First of all, as a swab, I never realized how much the cadre were doing every day. They go to bed later, wake up earlier and are constantly running around picking up and dropping off swabs in various locations. I am learning how to lead people, obviously in a very intense, stressful environment. I am also learning how to work with my classmates in tough situations, where we might not all agree on the same solution. It is truly an amazing, and exhausting, experience. I am starting to grow simultaneously frustrated and fond of my swabs. I am very happy I got to be a Swab Summer cadre, as I am learning more than I ever thought I would. I do miss having free time though. And as I finish that sentence, my phone is ringing with a request to pick up swabs and take them to another location. No rest for the weary, I suppose! I’ll try to write again soon!


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