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Good Divisions

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Auzenbergs Photo At the Academy, there are eight companies, each containing members from all four classes. Out of approximately 100 people per company, there are three departments, which are specific to the jobs of the company, and inside each department, divisions that are made up of one firstie and one or two members from each class below them, adding to about five people per division. A good division is key to having a good semester. So far in my cadet career, with four total divisions, I fortunately cannot say that I have had to work with a bad group of people.


First semester 4/c year, I was in a division that did not have much work, and with my knee injury, that was very helpful. Second semester 4/c year, I was in a division with another 4/c, 3/c, 2/c and 1/c who all played men’s basketball, and had team lunches and breakfasts many days, so I did not see much of them. First semester this year was the first time I was ranked above someone in my division, and I had two 4/c. I was responsible for making sure they understood what their duties were, and writing their Cadet Evaluation Reports (CERs) at the end of the semester. It was difficult having to check in on two of them, but both of my 4/c were on top of their assigned tasks, and I never had to discipline them, or ask them twice to do anything. This was a major contributor to their good CERs, and the success of our division as a whole.


This semester, I only have one 4/c, and another 3/c to share the responsibility with, so it has gone much smoother. It was a stressful semester for my 4/c, because they went through “boards,” the large indoctrination exam that all 4/c have to take, but much to my delight, he passed on his first attempt. That was a major accomplishment on his part, and now all he has to do is wait for the rest of our company and his class to pass boards to earn “carry on.” The semester is hitting its mid-point and we are all sensing the winding down of this school year already. I cannot believe that in only a few short months, I will be an upper-classmen, and have the privilege of wearing civilian clothes out on liberty and home for breaks. Time sure flies by here; as I am talking about helping my 4/c pass boards, it feels like I took them myself a few weeks ago!


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