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School Starts Again

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Dow Photo With fall semester 2015 in the books, and a well-deserved winter leave for the corps come and gone, it is time once again for school to start. Last semester as an engineering 3/c, I took Multivariable Calculus, Mechanics of Materials (both are engineering-specific), Physics, Ships and Maritime Systems, Navigation II, and Professional Rescuer. This semester is not much lighter with Differential Equations, Physics II, American Government, Dynamics, Engineering Material Science and Lifetime Sports. One great part about the Academy is that although some of the classes are very difficult and really challenge you, there are always other students here to lend a helping hand.


One part that is different than almost any other college is that the first week back is called Mid-Year Administrative Processing (MAP) week and while classes have not started yet, this week is one of the most important. This week is devoted to moving rooms (we switch roommates every semester here), as well as attend meetings and trainings for all of the cadets and faculty on order to prepare for the upcoming semester.


With the start of spring semester, I get excited because softball is right around the corner! Sports are the best way to blow off steam and get out of Chase Hall for a few hours after the school day ends. As a varsity sport, we get to go down to Florida during spring break to play games and get used to playing on a dirt field (New Englanders know that couldn’t happen in March up here!). We get to bond as a team and enjoy the nice Florida weather especially after the cold winters on the Thames. It is one of my favorite parts of the Academy (and the Coast Guard!); all the opportunities we are given and places we can go explore and represent the Coast Guard at the same time.


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