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cadet blogs

Representing Bears Football

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Victory Photo It was my dream to attend the Coast Guard Academy and I have absolutely loved my two years thus far. After looking at the cadets in the club, it became clear to me that the football team was underrepresented. Being the starting quarterback for the Bears will allow me to bring a perspective to the program that not many people can. On top of my daily school workload, I need to manage my time appropriately to prepare for upcoming games. I have a constantly busy schedule but I enjoy it and I think that others would like to read about an average day. When it came to applying to the Academy it was a no brainer, it was my first option by a longshot. Unfortunately, I was waitlisted and did not find out my fate until a month before R-Day.


If there are any upcoming seniors who have questions with the application process and what they should do, I would love to answer them. I signed up for the club when I was a 4/c but simply could not manage my time well enough. Now that I’m an upper-class, I understand how the Academy operates and will be able to write and share my stories whenever. I just think that I bring a unique perspective to the program.


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