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A Passion for Writing

(Academics, Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2019) Permanent link   All Posts
Twarog Photo One of the best pieces of advice that has ever been given to me is to live your life today in such a way that will make your future-self proud. Do what will make you proud…not necessarily what is easiest. I think that one of the central reasons why I chose the U.S. Coast Guard Academy was because it would be both one of the toughest and rewarding paths. I knew coming out of high school that I wanted to become an engineer and a leader, and that I wanted to make a career out of serving others. Coming to the USCGA would help me become the type of person I most deeply admire.


While I’ve only been a part of the Coast Guard for a few months, it seems like high school graduation was a lifetime ago. It’s amazing how quickly the Academy molds you as you’re given more responsibilities. Between balancing 19+ credit hours, practices and races with the Triathlon team, and fourth class military obligations, I’ve never been so busy in my life. Time management is critical here.


Before coming to the Academy, writing was one of my passions, so I’m really excited to have the chance to blog for the Academy. In the past, I’ve published personal essays and written pieces on a website called Semper Deinceps. Not only that, but I was the winner of the Rotary Global Essay Competition, and the prize took me on a week-long trip to India. I’ve written as a guest contributor on the nuclear energy blogs, YesVY and Atomic Insights, where my articles have been reposted by the ASME and the ASCE.


Over the next four years, I’ll have the opportunity to share my experiences as I work my way to becoming an officer in the Coast Guard. I can’t begin to imagine what sort of adventures my time here will bring. If you have any questions about life as a fourth class (freshman) or the admissions process, feel more than free to reach out to me at any point.


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