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Typical 3/c MES Course Load

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Auzenbergs Photo Once you start getting into more major-specific classes 3/c year, school gets a lot more interesting. Last year, classes were set and mandatory for all 4/c. We took Chemistry I and II, Calculus I and II, English, U.S. History, Coast Guard History, Statics and Engineering Design, Intro to Navigation, Swimming I and Personal Defense as well as health classes throughout the year. Now, as an MES major, this semester I am taking five mandatory and two major-specific courses. Physics I, Multivariable Calculus, Ships and Maritime Systems, Professional Rescuer, Badminton/Golf are the classes that most all 3/c have to take. The MES-specific classes are Meteorology and Marine Biology this semester. Both are extremely interesting, interactive, and fun! For Marine Biology, we go on field trips out to the beach, marshes, the Thames River, and Mystic Aquarium; and Meteorology makes some of the same trips to study the weather patterns in those locations. So, if you’re into hands-on learning, taking a closer look at the life around you, and dissecting sea cucumbers (and more), MES is a great major for you! Personally, I would much rather be out on a boat studying the type of marine life there than in a classroom crunching numbers so I couldn’t be happier with my choice of major!


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