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Highlights of September

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Mills Photo September flew by but had some great moments that I wanted to share. Most notably, we went to the Merchant Marine Academy for a rival game. I had a great time with the dance team cheering the football team along. I was able to make some new acquaintances and pet all of their super cute dogs that they are training as service dogs. This whole event brought the Corps of Cadets closer, as it does every year, and the 4/c get their first taste of fun with the corps in an off-base environment.


Secondly, Parents’ Weekend fell on my mother’s birthday this year. So, I took my mom around to all my classes and she had a blast taking pictures and embarrassing me. Parents’ Weekend is always fun because you get to meet all of your shipmates’ parents and there is such a warm environment in Chase Hall with everyone so happy to be with their families and show off their rooms, classes, etc. I also had the privilege of having my mom watch me carry the guidon during drill. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to help train and support the 4/c this semester, and having my mom watch me carry a symbol of that accomplishment really made my day.


September is such a great month at the Academy with so many events to look forward to. I hope to keep the positive momentum and vibes going into the rest of the semester.


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