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Hirst Photo I’ve taken a two-year hiatus but I’m back to blogging for my senior year! Perhaps my lack of blogging can attest to the busy-ness of the Academy, or maybe it’s just my inability to write a decent blog post. My 3/c and 2/c years were so much better than 4/c year. The CGA allows cadets to exchange to one of the other service academies during the fall of their 2/c year, and I was blessed with the opportunity to go to the Air Force Academy. While at the Air Force Academy, I was in charge of an element (like a division) and was integrated into their Wing (equivalent to our Corps of Cadets). I had a great time seeing completely new faces and spending time in Colorado. I also was fortunate enough to fly in a glider and complete five solo free fall jumps through their soaring and jump programs, respectively.


Currently, I’m in my last year at the CGA. I am the company commander of Delta Company for the fall semester. During our senior year, we are given the opportunity to lead the Corps of Cadets in various leadership positions. As the company commander, I oversee all of the efforts of Delta Company and frequently work with my company officer. I’ve really enjoyed the position because it has kept me constantly on my toes and forced me to discover creative ways to empower others. Already the semester is flying by. It has been an awesome ride thus far! Please ask if you have any questions!


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