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An Incredible 3/c Summer

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Auzenbergs Photo This past summer was incredible! Starting off at a small boat station in Port Aransas, Texas for five weeks (see my June 2015 post for more), then off to USCGC Eagle for six weeks, and ending with three weeks at home for summer vacation. A few years ago, I would have never imagined spending my summer vacation in Texas, then sailing a 295 foot sailboat from Staten Island, New York, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bermuda, Portland Maine, and Boston, Massachusetts. Eagle was a lot of work, a lot of learning, and a lot of fun! Each port call was a blast, seeing the different cultures, cities, people, and giving tours of the boat that we called home for the time being. It was really cool to see how interested the tourists were in the history and inner workings of Eagle, and it made me realize how lucky we were to have the opportunity to spend so much time aboard.


The coolest memory for me of Eagle was sailing up the Delaware River into Philadelphia. I was on the port-side (left) bearing taker, which meant I was helping the ship stay centered in the river by the readings I was taking along with someone on the starboard side, and someone off the back. Standing there, we had a great view of all the boat, air, and land traffic. We were sailing in as part of a tall ships parade, so there were thousands of people lining the banks of the river, cheering, clapping and waving. We were rendered a cannon salute, for which we returned the honors, there were Coast Guard and news channel helicopters hovering above us to take pictures and videos, and fireboats from Sector Delaware and Philadelphia shooting water out of their hoses as an honor as well. We had cadets sitting in the rigging on the side of the boat to wave to the crowd and create an incredible picture for anyone close enough. The atmosphere was electrifying and the pride I felt was almost unbearable. Even just writing this now, looking back on the experience, I am getting chills. If anyone is interested in what the summer looked like from sea, I created a video montage of the summer aboard Eagle! Check it out by typing USCGA 3/c Summer Eagle into YouTube or follow this link


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