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The Road Ahead

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Corbett Photo It has been a while everyone, but as always, better late than never! After watching my cadre class receive their billets, go through Capstone assignments and finally graduate, it has me thinking about legacy…what each member of 2015 left behind, or who they left behind. Sure, there were athletic stars, superior students, and those in command positions, all of whom came and went, but those are factual leave behinds. What truly should matter when you leave this great paradise is that you offered what you could to those under you.


With that mentality, here I sit as a 2/c. I now have been through cadre summer and have seen the other side of the field; the grass is greener, by the way. More importantly, we, as the Class of 2017 are to carry on 2015’s legacy through our swab class. It is just the way the mentorship here works, odd years train odd years, and even years train even years. Legacy, family, and team are my themes coming into this year. I figured I would just give a blurb on what I hope is the mentality shared by the Class of 2017.


Legacy: 2015 was a great class. They trained us and, of course, I am biased in saying that we are a great class because of them. The lessons they taught us are those which I hope to carry through to 2019 and years to follow. They taught us simple things such as how to have fun in a place like this. Smiling does not have to be a rare occurrence; it is a choice to be happy or sad, not a force. When we had to go to a mandatory sporting event, 2015 showed up ready to have fun rather than sit there and sulk. It felt like a family when we were at those events, which segues to the next big thing passed through our mentors.


Family: The Class of 2015 was a family. They fought and overcame many obstacles but at the end of the day, they supported each other. You could see it in the way they joked with each other during announcement time in the wardroom (cafeteria). They supported each other through thick and thin and made a very welcoming environment here at the Academy. They worked together through regimental staff and company staff to fulfill a stellar final year.


Team: We are all in this together. Not just class by class but as one single Corps of Cadets. We need to work together in order for this place to run. It is important to remember that. Whether it is staying up late to help a shipmate with homework, or just listening to someone vent about a bad day, we are a family, but better yet, we are one united team.


These three words are just pieces to what I hope to impart to the Class of 2019. Three words that 2015 has drilled into my head as a guiding way to survive and ultimately move the corps forward.


Go 2015
Go 2017
And Go 2019, welcome to the corps.
Shane Corbett


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