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Being Responsible for the Fourth Class

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Williamson Photo I have started my third class year and it feels great! After a long and productive summer of training, I feel more confident in my own abilities and also I know my classmates better. If there is any advice I can give someone, it would be stick out your fourth class year, because by your third class year you feel like you’re part of a huge family. I am already having a lot of fun and it is only the first week. It is strange to have a fourth class who I am responsible for, because just last year that was me and it’s amazing how far you can come in one year. Learning how to lead and communicate my ideas to the fourth class is the first step in my development as a leader. I am going to try to be very connected with my fourth class and see how that style works.


With convincing from my friend, I decided to try rugby this season. The team is made up of a bunch of great guys from every class. It has only been a few days and I already feel welcomed. It is going to be a great season and I am excited to learn a new sport.


I am continuing in corrosion research at the Academy, too. I have a pretty busy schedule this year but I will still find time to work on my projects. I am hoping to get some new fourth class to join me this year so, moving forward, we can have a solid research team. Also, I have started classes in my major, which means that school is going to be a lot more interesting. I have Physics, Marine Biology, and Meteorology all in a row and I am actually really excited for those classes.


Now, all that I need to do is get through this academic year!


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