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Aviation Summer Assignment

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Frost Photo At the Academy, they always say, “The days are long, but the weeks are short.” This has become such a cliché phrase to me, but I honestly don’t know how to more accurately describe my time at the Academy thus far. It’s hard to believe I am half way through my 1/c summer, which has been hands down the best experience I have had so far as a cadet. I’m sad knowing that today is my last day at Air Station New Orleans. I’m truly going to miss this place and all the people who have helped me these past several weeks.


When we got our summer assignments back in March, I could hardly contain my joy at finding out I would spend five weeks at an air station completely embracing all Coast Guard aviation has to offer. I have to admit, I was a little worried about going to New Orleans by myself. Who would I hang out with? How could I go anywhere by myself in the city? Would I be safe? Despite my excitement, I was nervous.


Looking back over the past weeks, I couldn’t have asked for a better wardroom to welcome me to NOLA. I instantly felt welcomed when some of the pilots took me to Dat Dog, the iconic hot dog shop the first night that I got there. Throughout my five weeks, I can only say positive things about all of the pilots who included me in outings and activities. Never were my fears of being alone in New Orleans confirmed. Furthermore, the enlisted personnel at Air Station NOLA were some of the best teachers; their knowledge of the helicopters and their respective jobs is incredible.


I realize how lucky I am to have gotten to spend part of my 1/c summer at Air Station NOLA. I’ve had some incredible experiences that include: being a “duck” on a training flight for the rescue swimmers, seeing an oil rig at night during a training flight, responding as the Officer of the Day to search and rescue cases, watching parts of the Deepwater Horizon movie being filmed, going on a Port-State inspection of a bulk carrier, getting to sit in the left pilot seat during hoisting training, and getting to fly the helicopter around Lake Pontchartrain. It has been a remarkable five weeks that have only confirmed my desires to fly helicopters for the Coast Guard. For now it’s “See you later Air Station NOLA, and hello Coast Guard Barque Eagle!”


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