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The Academic Year

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 Martorell Crespo Photo Being a fourth class is tough but fun at the same time. First semester is almost over and now I can’t wait to start second semester. We always have homework plus other tasks that we have to accomplish, but that is just preparing us even more.


I have learned the importance of time management and setting goals while being here at the Academy. If you want to do well, you have to do your homework every day, use your time wisely, pay attention in class and never fall asleep. Academics here are a challenge, but if others have made it through, why can’t I? Every day I am busy and don’t usually have time to go out and talk with my friends. Some weekends I don’t even leave the Academy because of the quantity of work I have. But if you want to succeed you have to sacrifice.


I always try to work ahead and seek help when I don’t understand something. As time passes by, I enjoy being here more and more. You have a lot of school work but you can have fun at the same time. Upon arriving here at the Academy, I thought I would only have time to study and never have the opportunity to socialize or relax, but there is always time for everything. I study, but also there are times where you can have a morale night and get carry-on, get smoothies, talk with your friends, and have fun. In the end, working hard is worth it.


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