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Part of a Team

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Coburn Photo As I have mentioned before, I plan on playing lacrosse here at the Academy. There are a lot of changes to the lacrosse team this year; the team is moving from a club sport to a varsity Division III team, there is a new coach, and there is also a different dynamic to the players, considering I am one of eight or more 4/c that are on the team this year. Since it is a varsity sport now we were able to play some lacrosse as a team during the fall, we had practice three days a week and yesterday we had a tournament at Springfield College where we competed against a wide variety of Division III teams as well as one Division II team. Not only was this a great way to put what we had learned during fall ball into action, but it also was an opportunity for us to all play together as a real team for the first time.


Now that fall ball is over we will have winter strength and conditioning training until the regular season practices start in January. Although the practices are going to be a little chilly, we can look forward to going to North Carolina with the team during Spring Break!


Being a part of the team here at the Academy is really a good way to meet new people, including upperclassman. Although you can’t be “friends” just being able to talk to an upperclassman you trust about anything will really make your time here smoother and easier in a way. I have three 1/c on my team who are actually in my company as well and they are always willing to help me whenever I need it. Being on the team also helps you create friendships with girls that may not be in your company and therefore you don’t focus too much on just your company.


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