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Time Moves Faster Now

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Williamson Photo Hi everybody! I’ll start off by saying that my email is, and anyone can contact me if you have questions.


So the month of September as has come and gone and I’ve been in school for the same amount of time as Swab Summer. Comparing the two, time moves much faster now. The days themselves feel long, but all of a sudden it’s Friday and you ask yourself were the week went. My classes are going well; I have pretty much found my groove. Homework is the biggest issue when it comes to time and stress. The classes themselves are not bad, but at the end of the day when all I want to do is sleep is when this place feels harder than your average college. Having all my classmates around and seeing them going through the same struggles helps me stay motivated. An old retired Coast Guard veteran once said something that stuck with me through the admission process, Swab Summer, and now: If the guy next to your is doing it, and thousands of guys before you did it, then you sure can do it; you are strong enough to finish, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Right now I am in the middle of the sailing season. I have never sailed before, and the first time I set foot on a sail boat was Swab Summer. However, in a few short months I have pretty much learned all the basics to sailing a boat. My position in the past few races has been skipper, which means I steer and make a lot of the tactical decisions. It is pretty cool to think that am now able take out a sail boat and feel comfortable sailing when I didn’t even know one thing about sailing three months ago; its things like that that make the Academy such an amazing place. Here, you are open to so many new things, and so many talented people. This combination gives you to opportunity to learn a whole array of new skills, as long as you are willing to put in the work.


Currently, as the winter sports season approaches, I am still unsure if I should do winter track or just take the winter off and do Ski Club and try out some other clubs. I want to do well in track in the outdoor season, but doing three seasons of sports on top of all the military and academic obligations might get hard to manage. I still have to figure that one out…oh well. That’s all for now, stay happy and motivated!


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