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Football Versus Kings Point

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 Fruhwirth  Photo Since I was little, my favorite sport to watch (and even play) has always been football. After attending my first football game here I was slightly disappointed, as the Bears suffered a gruesome loss against St. Lawrence. Needless to say, when the next Saturday rolled around I was a bit worried; we were playing Kings Point, our mortal enemies, and winning this game was vital. For a week I had greeted every upper-class with a hardy “Go Bears, Sir,” which was always returned with a “Beat KP!” The Thursday before the game, a pep rally was held in the gym. The lights were off, music pumping through the floor and up the bleachers, and blurs of orange and blue glow sticks seemingly floating through the air. As a corps, we cheered on our teams playing against Kings Point that weekend. The dance team along with the cheerleaders did routines and morale was high.


Saturday morning was off to a great start, our men’s soccer team winning 1-0 against Kings Point. The corps filled in the football stadium, tensions were high between the Bears and the Mariners. The sun was hidden behind layers of clouds, humidity tangling around us but no one complained. The first half was a bit rocky, the Bears were playing well but we were down going into the second half. In the third quarter we were able to tie up the score, with the hopes of winning for the first time in four years. As the fourth quarter started, the skies opened up and blanketed us all with rain. As the petrified Kings Point cadets scurried to get their jackets, we Bears embraced the rain. Even the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Zukunft, ran through the rain with us—cheering our football team on and waving the Coast Guard flag proudly as he ran across the sidelines. We screamed until all the air had left our lungs, begging our team to bring it home. And as the clock ran out, the rain fell down, the Bears score yet again—giving a final score of 42-31. The 4/c section went wild; we fled onto the sidelines and side by side did our 42 push-ups. Soaking wet and covered in turf from the field, we jumped and hugged each other in celebration of defeating Kings Point! This is one of my favorite memories at the Academy so far, because as a corps we cheered each other on and built each other up. Morale was at an all-time high and we were all proud to be a United States Coast Guard cadet!


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