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Favorite Week of the School Year

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Condon Photo Swab Summer has been over for about eight weeks now, but it feels like it has been months! I have never been busier during the first two months of school! I’ve had exams in all my classes, and we’ve had two in chemistry. Even with the really heavy school load at the Academy, that doesn’t mean it’s all work and no play. I’ve had two cross country meets already and they’ve been a blast. For Labor Day, I went to New York City for the day. I enjoyed sightseeing and eating sushi multiple times throughout the day. We then had our spirit week leading up to the Merchant Marine game. This was my favorite week of the school year by far! I never knew a rivalry between two Division III colleges could be so fierce. Everyone had high spirits throughout the week. I’ve been to many football games, but the CGA vs. MMA game was my favorite by far. Everyone was cheering as loud as they could and there was plenty of friendly heckling on both sides. The game ended in a Coast Guard win and a much wanted short overnight time away from the Academy.


This week is Homecoming and also has a lot of spirit involved. It is the duty of the fourth class to hide the chains outside of the library. The second class cadets have from the start of the game until the end to find the chains. Right now, my fellow fourth class and I are deciding the best spot to hide them. If the second class doesn’t find the chains, we all get modified carry-on during the week, meaning we can look at our meals! We also get a long this weekend and as a Midwesterner, it still feels weird talking to my friends asking whether or not we should go to Yale or New York City this weekend. I’m excited for the next upcoming events, especially Parents’ Weekend.


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