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First Month in the Books

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Burchill Photo It’s almost the end of September, marking the end of my first month as a 4/c. Somehow, time was lost between cross country, my classes and military obligations. The biggest adjustment coming out of Swab Summer was managing my time wisely but I think I’ve been getting the hang out it. Academics can be hard but all the upperclassmen are so supportive and helpful when the lost 4/c come asking for tutoring.


The best part of my day is going to cross country practice. When it comes to sports, class doesn’t matter, everyone is your teammate. We all joke around, cheer each other on, and work hard together. Participating in a sport helps you get off campus every now and then and see the different side of the Academy. I’m so thankful that I play a sport every day because it’s a great time to forget about all the academics and just have fun with my teammates. I would highly encourage picking up a sport at the Academy, whether you’re an expert or a beginner, there are many sports offered to help you get involved.


Mid-terms are just around the corner, and in no time, it’ll be Parents’ Weekend. I’m excited for the rest of this semester and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at


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