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The Grind...

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Auzenbergs Photo School began just a week ago and I have already stayed up later doing homework than I ever did in high school! I knew that applying to the Academy was signing up for a challenge, but I failed to consider the challenges beyond Swab Summer. Getting through the summer was my main goal, and it felt so good to complete it. Now I’m realizing how much will be asked of us during the academic year, and it is just another challenge to accept. Adding on to that, I realized that there are plenty of sacrifices that go hand in hand with an appointment to the Coast Guard Academy. The “college experience,” for example, will be completely different for me than my old high school classmates. But that is something that I am fully willing to accept. It’s honoring a service fully devoted to helping others. It’s pushing yourself beyond the limits you have previously set, just to prove to yourself that it is possible. It’s completing countless goals that seem near impossible, and failing at more. It’s the grind.


For me, the hardest part of Swab Summer was mentally pushing myself to continue even when it would be easier to just give up. The hardest part was the grind. My shipmates gave me the strength to continue because I realized that they were going through the exact same thing as me, and not quitting, so what gave me the right to quit? The teamwork and positivity necessary to get through the summer were something I had never experienced before and something I will never forget. I am proud to mention that my company, Charlie Company, earned Swab Summer Honor Company! That was a major accomplishment because it means that we had some of the highest scores in PFEs, formal room and wings, drill competitions, intercompany sports, and more. Looking forward, I have plenty of goals at the Academy, but one of the major ones is to appreciate and enjoy each moment I spend here, and in the Coast Guard, because it is truly an honor to be part of this service. I cannot wait to experience and learn more than I ever imagined as a college student!


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