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Community Service Opportunities

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Sandri Photo Cadets are required to participate in at least six community service hours each semester. There are many service opportunities, and lots of people choose to go above and beyond the requirement. I enjoy doing CS events because they are a great way to get off campus and interact in a normal way with the community surrounding the Academy.


During one of the first weeks of school, a group of us volunteered to do odd jobs at a food festival in Mystic, which is a small and charming town surrounding a seaport, and is where the Mystic Flag Ceremony is held during Swab Summer. The festival was a lot of fun, and I got to talk to several of the civilian volunteers. A couple months later, I signed up to work at the Mystic Pirate Festival, and some of the same volunteers were there. They recognized that we were from the Coast Guard, and it was nice to catch up with those community members.


I also happen to be in a community-service oriented division this semester. The entire corps of cadets is divided into eight companies, which each contain three departments. Each department is organized into several divisions, each of which has a specific job to do within the corps. A division is made up of one or two cadets of each rank. My division is the community service liaison division, so we act as community service representatives for our company and help Hotel Company, whose company duty it is to run community service.


This semester, we organized two CS events for Foxtrot Company, which turned out really well! One was an opportunity to volunteer as a company at Fields of Fire, an outdoor haunted maze. We dressed up as zombies to scare people, and it was a blast. The second event was a beach clean-up in Rhode Island. Together we collected 170 lbs. of trash!


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