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Five More Months

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Cantrell Photo I need to start this off by saying, FIVE MONTHS UNTIL GRADUATION!! What? Where has the time gone? This year has been so bittersweet for me. I am so excited and ready to get out into the fleet, but I am also sad to leave this place that has taught me everything I know about the military and where some of my best friends have been with me throughout this incredible journey. I still have five more months with a lot of work and things to learn to help me in the fleet. The billet list came out last week, which is when this whole graduating thing really hit me. I feel like I was just dropped off by my parents yesterday! (I mean it feels a little longer than that, but you all know what I mean). The billet list is very overwhelming and has got me thinking of all the different options and opportunities I have moving forward. I still need to think about a lot of different factors, but I have a pretty good idea what I would like to do.


The corps just returned from a much needed Thanksgiving break. The morale of the corps is high right now since everyone is full of turkey and ready to push through the last week and a half of the semester. I will be in sunny Florida in two weeks, so I am excited and ready to push through.


This month has consisted of a fair amount of papers, tests, and diving meets every weekend. I also attended a Dierks Bentley concert at Mohegan Sun, which was one of the top three concerts I have been too. He was so interactive with the audience and it made for a very fun concert. I knew most of the songs that he performed, which always helps when singing along. I would definitely suggest seeing him in concert if you are a country music fan. This month also brought a celebration for the Class of 2015 at a local establishment hosted by one of our classmate's parents. It was a great time where our class was able to celebrate together and have fun. I cannot thank them enough for such a wonderful night and I am so thankful to have so many amazing people surrounding me at this institution and into the Coast Guard fleet.


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