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Are You a Sailor?

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Pourmonir Photo Are you a sailor? No? Me either. It is completely okay though, because soon you will be. I don’t know if that sounds exciting to you, but if it doesn’t it definitely should. You are missing out on some of the funniest and craziest times you could ever have. This summer I had the opportunity to sail up the entire East Coast on the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle. Never heard of it? Here it is! It’s beautiful! I have some pictures if you want to check them out. I got to climb all the way to the royals! Those are the highest sails on the entire ship. While over a hundred feet above the deck of the ship, I got to spend time with my shipmates in an environment most people couldn’t even imagine. We sailed all the way up to Sydney, Nova Scotia, and then to St John’s, New Found land.


After that we anchored in New York. You guessed it, right in front of the Statue of Liberty. If you haven’t seen New York City at night, imagine how beautiful it looks from 100 feet up right next to the Statue of Liberty. Absolutely beautiful is the only way I could describe it. The things you can do in the Coast Guard are amazing. Don’t worry if you haven’t traveled much, because the Coast Guard can make that dream a reality.


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