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Assassin Game

(Just for Fun, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Chavarria-Aguilar Photo This week, Hotel Company is participating in Assassin, which is a popular game played on college campuses throughout the United States. This game has been played in Chase Hall before and was a successful morale event. The goal of the game is for cadets to track down and eliminate their targets until only one player remains. I sat with Foxtrot Company during lunch a few weeks ago while they were playing. It was hilarious; everyone was extremely on edge and suspicious. You couldn’t get within a foot of a person without them flipping out about getting eliminated. The game moderator, who keeps track of the "kills", assigns each person a target. In order to assassinate your target, you must clip a clothespin to them without their knowledge. If you are caught, the attempted kill is void and you have to try again another time. Of course, there are a few more rules, but the gist of the game is to kill or be killed. We start at 0800 on Monday morning. Game on.



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