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End of 4/c Year Update

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Ritchie Photo As the number of days to go until graduation reaches the 40’s and the temperature outside finally rises above 40, things start to get crazy at the Academy. There are more military trainings to prepare each class for the summer, providing us with both information for our work in the fleet and warnings to be careful during our time on leave. This summer, I’ll be spending five weeks on Eagle, sailing to the Caribbean, and six weeks at a small boat station in Florida. Every year, the upcoming 3/c spend part of their summer training on Eagle and part of the summer at an assignment in the fleet or in summer school. These experiences offer us the opportunity to employ what we learned in our 4/c Navigation class throughout the year as well as provide us the opportunity to learn and grow more as future officers. The weeks are winding down quickly, and I’m really looking forward to it.


At the end of the school year, I remember teachers in high school would always try to cram in all the rest of the material they were supposed to cover in a course; it made the last few weeks really stressful. Here, other than finals week, 4/c cadets usually have at most two exams per week. There are exam periods on Tuesday and Thursday where the officers and professors who teach 4/c courses schedule exams so they don’t overlap, and no one gets stuck taking two exams in one day. The only place where this doesn’t apply is in Navigation Lab where it is possible to have a Nav Lab exam after another exam in the morning. The system really helps me to stay focused and study more efficiently for one subject at a time.


My class finished passing our boards soon after spring break, but we still haven’t been granted carry-on. Almost all of the upper-class say we deserve it and we’ve earned it, so the decision is just waiting on command. There are rumors that we will be granted carry-on for finals week, which gives us something to look forward to for now. The weather has been the main thing keeping my morale up. The much-needed sunshine and warmth have really helped me to renew a positive outlook, and it feels so nice to finally be in short sleeves again. I’m hoping for smooth sailing through the rest of the semester.



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