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Second Semester Benefits

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Sandri Photo The second semester started more than a month ago, and these several weeks have been extremely busy. Cadets often refer to January and February as the “Dark Ages” because the days are short and cold, and we are coming back to the grind from spending time at home. However, the second semester has its benefits, and I’m acclimated to Academy life now, so it’s not as stressful.


One of these “benefits” is 4/c boards. The highly anticipated/somewhat dreaded boards packet came out right before winter break, and our first boards exams began the first week of February. The packet consists of 71 pages of indoc information we must know before getting into the fleet this summer. It is a bit intimidating, but we covered a lot of it during Swab Summer and have been taking indoc quizzes throughout the year. I was lucky enough to pass during the first round of boards, which took a lot of weight off my shoulders! Once an individual passes, they are allowed to listen to music out loud and use the whiteboard located outside their room to indicate where they are instead of writing a properly formatted notecard. When the entire company passes, we will get social media privileges, and once the entire class passes we will be granted carry-on.


Before boards could start, the Class of 2017 had to complete an event called 101st night. During 101st night, which is supposed to mark 101 days to go until the 1/c graduate, we reverted to being swabs, and the 2/c became cadre again. We spent a couple hours running around Chase Hall and getting ITed for not knowing our indoc. The next day was 100th day, and the 4/c and 2/c switched places. We put on 2/c shoulder boards and enjoyed full carry-on while the 2/c squared, greeted us and did clocks. The goal of 101st night and 100th day was to help prepare us for boards and boost morale.


The end of 4/c year is still a while away, but it feels like just around the corner because we’re moving at such a fast pace. Something I’m looking forward to is going to the fleet this summer. We just put in for our assignments, but no matter where I end up I know it will be a great experience!


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