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So Begins the Dark Ages

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Just for Fun, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Glick Photo Traditionally the Dark Ages occur during the Academy from January until spring break in March, when the sun hardly comes out, the schoolwork gets tough, and most of us put on some post-PFE pounds as we are generally bored. While not impossible to go out on liberty every weekend, the snow and ice make it difficult to have a fun time outdoors. Like I mentioned earlier, as cadets, we like to make our own fun when there isn’t any to be had.


During 101st night, or the night before 101 days until the first class graduate, Chase Hall is thrown back into the Swab Summer mindset. We marched “swab-style” to Dimick Auditorium, and the second class cadets, our former cadre, resumed their cadre training roles, running us back up to the barracks. The campus was once again in chaos, with swabs running around Chase Hall: doing Incentive Physical Training, spewing indoc, and doing physical activities with our rifles. While it was fun, and only lasted a night, I’m glad it was over in four hours! It reminded me that being a swab was hard, and how far our class has come since R-Day. The next day, 100th day, or 100 days to go until graduation, the roles reversed. We were granted full carry-on, wore second class’ shoulder boards while the second class cadre braced-up, completed trash orderlies, and had their uniforms inspected.


Speaking of making our own fun, I am currently in my company’s morale division, which is essentially responsible for making sure our company is entertained. So we cured our boredom by making this video with a second class who was our Swab Summer cadre.


Right now my class is in the middle of taking the Coast Guard Indoctrination Boards, or more commonly known just as “boards.” Surprisingly and luckily, I passed the first time! Unfortunately, preparing for boards takes a lot of time away from academics, and I think most of my class, me included, took a hit on the chemistry test last week. But, they say that happens every year. Roughly one in eight of our class has passed, and when we all pass, we are allowed to become “regular” cadets, meaning we can look at our food, and walk, not march, to class. President’s weekend and spring break are on the horizon, and I can barely wait to earn those upper-class privileges soon after. February isn’t as sad and mopey as I thought it would be after all. No matter how hard it gets, a day never goes by that I don’t regret coming here.


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