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Winter Update

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Belanger Photo Hello everyone! It has been a little while since my last blog, so here has been what has going on for me at the Academy. If you read back to my last winter experience, it was not too enjoyable. This year however, is a different story. Skiing has surprisingly become a pretty big hobby for me. Since arriving back from winter leave I have been 3 times with plans to go this next weekend. I can safely say that if a boy from Florida can learn to ski, anyone can. So far we have had 2 days off from school to enjoy snow days! It is a great day to wake up and get ahead in school, or have the day off to do whatever you want. (I will leave you to imagine what cadets rather choose.) School has been a little rough, mainly with trying to play catch up after missing classes, but just the work load. I, along with everyone else here, try to stay on top of it. I am just being patient and just waiting for spring break to get here so I can go and enjoy the beaches in Jacksonville!


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