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Songs in the Windy City

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, Just for Fun, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Culp Photo It’s been a long weekend – in the best of ways! When these three-day weekends come along, such as MLK Jr. Day recently, the corps gets to leave base at our last military obligation (LMO) on Friday, and not return until liberty expires on the day off. Seeing as how most cadets, especially fourth class, usually don’t get to stay overnight off-base on weekends, you can guess how exciting these weekends are!


But, this one was particularly special for me. I had the privilege of traveling out to Chicago, Illinois with the Cadet Chorale. I along with 14 other cadets and the choir director, Doc Newton, left on Friday at 0400 (oye…) and arrived back in New London Monday evening. We met and performed with a high school a cappella group on Friday evening – very talented young men and women, indeed! The next day we had an engagement at Navy Pier, right in the heart of downtown Chicago. It was so much fun to perform for the families walking through the pier, and to have the chance to see the city! (I must say, the Adler Planetarium was very interesting!) Our weekend closed out on Sunday with a performance in the Tivoli Theater, an old venue that was the second American theater designed to show films with audible dialogue. Once again, I felt the thrill of being on a stage, with lights shining around you, and the voices of several devoted and gifted cadets filling the room.


Yes, I am a performance geek… that’s why I love being a part of the music program here at the Academy. Our music is very beautiful, mostly oldies, show tunes, nautical songs and sea chanteys and patriotic selections. I appreciate that while some of our songs require piano accompaniment, many of them are a cappella, meaning no instruments except for voices. It’s a lovely, rich sound, with the challenge of keeping up the tune on our own. The choirs here are such an integral part of my cadet experience; my life would be much too quiet without them (literally and figuratively!).


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