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New Beginning

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Meyers Photo Coming back to Academy 4th class year at any point kind of gave me a pit in my stomach. Any break was never really long enough. Even 3rd class year, I didn't really want to come back to the Academy after breaks. This time around, even though I had an amazing winter leave with family and friends, I'm more than ready to come back. Not only am I not resistant to coming back, but I'm actually excited.


One of the first things I did this time was to check my schedule for the semester. It's easily my best so far. Whereas pretty much every semester I've been here I've taken at least 20 credits, this semester I only have 17! I'm adding a one credit elective in programming robots in Python, so technically it'll be 18 credits, but that's still lighter than I've ever had it. Not only that, but Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I have ONLY engineering courses (which is what I like) and have off the first two periods and the last period. Basically my schedule couldn't get any better.


Another reason I'm excited is the prospect of a new start. Every semester brings the chance to do something new and change things up. I'm starting to learn that the first six weeks and the last three weeks are the most important to any semester, so I want to make an impact these first few weeks at least. I'm planning on getting more involved making videos again (stay tuned for morale videos) because I just got a GoPro, so that will allow me to do some cool stuff.


Overall, this semester is going to be great, it's not too hard to see. The motto for this semester is “Work hard, play hard” (play hard responsibly).



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