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Almost There…

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Mayer Photo …to the end first semester, to my 19th birthday, to Christmas Break. I have one final left; it’s tomorrow and I already studied for it and am very confident I will do very well.


So, looking back at my first semester I can honestly say I often tried too hard and also didn’t try hard enough. I often over-thought things and would stress myself out when trying too hard, and later in the semester just stopped trying quite often which had the same effect, but with a bit less stress. My advice: don’t stress over things but do your best. Don’t be scared, this first year is the year to make mistakes and learn from them. Everyone is very nice and wants to help. Even your cadre, they seem mean and I am still intimidated by many upper-class, but no one should be. Respect them of course, but don’t fear them, they are only a little older than you, and some are the same age and occasionally younger. Initially I wasn’t very social, so I encourage everyone to be, to get to know your classmates within your company and in other companies. Alone time is good, too. Make sure you have some ways you can easily let go and de-stress, I can promise you there will be times you need to be able to relax and won’t have much time. The first year is all gen ed classes, so you may hate them all. I hope you know that ahead of time and can do your best to learn from them, even if you hate that class. If it isn’t for your GPA, or for even learning’s sake, enjoy classes somehow for your sake and everyone else’s so that you aren’t upset and moody all day because of what everyone has to do. Instead find one or two classes you do like and you can at the very least look forward to those and help others, too.


Oh, and you should learn to play an instrument. Band is great. Windjammers is fun, can be irritating, tiring and boring at times, but the trips made it worth it for me. Plus I learned a new instrument. You don’t need to know how to play, just please, if you enjoy music, join. But, if you don’t know, come to a practice to see if you might like it. If you know you’d hate it and would be grumpy the whole time you were participating, don’t join because the point of a sport is to have fun, and yes Windjammers is a sport. There is also Concert Band and Jazz Band when Windjammers ends and that is even better in my opinion because everyone, EVERYONE, wants to be there and it’s completely voluntary.


Almost There... (Continued)