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Cool Experiences and Amazing Achievements

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Ellis Photo Hi everyone!


So now that 2013 is coming to a close, I thought about all the really cool experiences and amazing achievements I have had the past year since I came to the Coast Guard Academy. I decided to choose five and share them with you – honestly this was really hard to do since there were so many. These are in order of occurrence.


1.  Passing boards and getting carry-on was one of the biggest accomplishments I have ever had. Boards are an oral exam every fourth class must take. There are ten questions, usually with multiple parts. The questions are based on a “boards packet” that we are given that is filled with everything from Coast Guard history to flags and their meanings to damage control information. In order to pass, you must get at least eight out of the 10 questions right. Passing boards meant we, as a class, would be basically done with 4/c year. Once everyone passed, we earned the privilege to not have to square our corners and meals, we were able to use Facebook and watch movies, and we wouldn’t have to memorize information for clocks. This is easily one of my top five choices because it marked the end of my 4/c year.


2.  My next great accomplishment had to do with sailing. In the spring, I sailed on the Women’s Dinghy Team. On the team, I traveled from Florida up to New Hampshire to compete. All of our competitions were preparing us for the qualifier to go to the Women’s Semi-Finals in Florida. The qualifier was held at Tuft’s University in Massachusetts. Here we faced challenging conditions and sailed a boat that I had never even seen before the event. However, fellow blogger Christi Frost and I sailed our best in our division and ended up in fourth place. As a team, we ended up 8th and therefore qualified to complete in the Women’s Semi-Finals in Florida. After this we spent the next two weeks practicing and preparing ourselves for the event. We arrived to Florida as ready as we possibly could be. After a challenging two days at the event, we did not place high enough to move on to the finals. Even so, this was an amazing accomplishment, I had always dreamed of going to college nationals, and I can’t believe I got to go in only my freshman year!


Cool Experiences and Amazing Achievements (Continued) PDF 



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